Inside Jason Kelce’s Beautiful Family Home in Haverford, Pennsylvania


Inside Jason Kelce’s Beautiful Family Home in Haverford, Pennsylvania

When you think of NFL stars, you might imagine flashy penthouses or sprawling mansions. But for Jason Kelce, the heart and soul of the Philadelphia Eagles, home is a beautiful blend of luxury and family-focused comfort nestled in the lush suburbs of Haverford, Pennsylvania. 

Let’s take a tour of this NFL champion’s stunning abode and discover how it reflects both his success on the field and his dedication to family life off it.

The Kelce Estate: An Overview

Tucked away in the affluent suburb of Haverford, Jason Kelce’s property is a testament to smart real estate investing and a love for Pennsylvania living. 

The main house spans an impressive 7,716 square feet and sits on over three acres of meticulously landscaped grounds. But that’s just the beginning of the Kelce compound.

Key features at a glance:

  • 7,716 square foot main house
  • Over 3 acres of land
  • 4 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms
  • Three-car garage
  • Custom outdoor pool with waterfalls
  • Hot tub overlooking the countryside
  • Additional two-car garage and greenhouse

Kelce’s vision for his family estate didn’t stop with the initial purchase. In a savvy move, he acquired an adjacent 8-acre property in 2020, followed by a third property in late 2022. These strategic acquisitions set the stage for what promises to be one of Haverford’s most impressive family compounds.

A Tour of the Main House

A Tour of the Main House

Exterior Architecture and Design

As you approach the Kelce residence, you’re greeted by a stately exterior that manages to be both imposing and welcoming. The home’s design blends traditional elements with modern touches, creating a timeless aesthetic that’s sure to look as good decades from now as it does today.

Interior Layout and Features

Step inside, and you’re immediately struck by the thoughtful layout and high-end finishes. The open floor plan allows for abundant natural light, creating a bright and airy feel throughout the home. 

Cherry wood floors add warmth and elegance, providing a perfect backdrop for both family gatherings and formal entertaining.

Standout rooms and features include:

  1. Chef’s Kitchen: Equipped with top-of-the-line appliances, this kitchen is a dream for anyone who loves to cook. It’s easy to imagine Kelce, known for his larger-than-life personality, whipping up meals for teammates or family gatherings here.
  2. Master Suite: A true retreat, the master bedroom comes complete with a luxurious bath. It’s the perfect space for Kelce to unwind after grueling NFL games or training sessions.
  3. Walk-in Closets: Each bedroom boasts massive walk-in closets, providing ample storage for everything from casual wear to Kelce’s collection of Eagles gear.
  4. Finished Basement: Perfect for entertaining, the fully finished basement likely sees its fair share of use during Eagles watch parties or family game nights.

Outdoor Living Spaces

The Kelce property truly shines when it comes to outdoor amenities. The custom pool with waterfalls is a showstopper, providing a perfect oasis for hot Pennsylvania summers. 

Adjacent to the pool, a hot tub offers breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside – an ideal spot for Kelce to soothe sore muscles after tough games.

The landscaping is a testament to thoughtful design, with manicured lawns, lush gardens, and even a serene pond. It’s clear that every inch of the property has been carefully considered to create a private paradise for the Kelce family.

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The Playroom Makeover: A Family-Focused Haven

Perhaps the most heartwarming aspect of the Kelce home is the playroom, a space that truly embodies Jason’s commitment to family. In collaboration with Pottery Barn Kids, Jason and his wife Kylie transformed this room into a magical space for their daughters.

Key elements of the playroom design:

  • Art easel for creative expression
  • Mint green toddler play kitchen with farmhouse sink, refrigerator, and stovetop
  • Comfortable seating areas for family bonding
  • Durable, child-friendly materials throughout

The playroom’s green hues subtly nod to Kelce’s Eagles affiliation, blending personal and professional pride in a tasteful way. 

It’s a space that encourages imagination, creativity, and family togetherness – values that are clearly important to the Kelces.

“We wanted to create a space that was not only fun for our kids but also reflected our family’s personality,” Jason Kelce said of the playroom. “It’s become the heart of our home.”

Expanding the Kelce Compound

Jason Kelce’s vision extends beyond the main house. With the acquisition of adjacent properties, he’s set the stage for creating a truly impressive family compound. Plans are in the works to integrate these properties, potentially including:

  • Additional guest houses for extended family
  • Sports facilities (perhaps a home gym or football field?)
  • Expanded outdoor entertainment areas

This forward-thinking approach showcases Kelce’s commitment to creating a lasting family legacy in Haverford.

Other Kelce Properties

Other Kelce Properties

While the Haverford home is undoubtedly the centerpiece of Kelce’s real estate portfolio, it’s not his only property investment. In 2021, he purchased a beachfront home in Sea Isle City, New Jersey, for $2.2 million. 

This four-bedroom property, just a block from the beach, offers the Kelce family a perfect summer getaway.

Additionally, Kelce maintains ties to his Cleveland roots with a three-unit rental property on the city’s West side. This investment not only generates income but also demonstrates Kelce’s business acumen and connection to his hometown.

Jason Kelce’s Real Estate Strategy

Kelce’s approach to real estate is as strategic as his play on the field. By investing in diverse properties – from his primary residence to vacation homes and rental units – he’s building wealth that will extend far beyond his NFL career.

His focus on family-friendly spaces, particularly in the Haverford home, shows a clear priority: creating a nurturing environment for his children. At the same time, the luxury amenities and thoughtful design ensure that the property will retain and likely increase in value over time.

Life in Haverford: Why the Kelces Chose This Location

Haverford, a suburb of Philadelphia, offers the perfect blend of proximity to the city and peaceful, family-friendly living. For the Kelces, the choice likely came down to several factors:

  1. Community Amenities: Haverford boasts excellent schools, parks, and local attractions.
  2. Proximity to Philadelphia: An easy commute to Eagles’ facilities and the vibrant city center.
  3. Privacy: The large lot sizes in this area provide the seclusion a high-profile athlete needs.
  4. Space for a Growing Family: With ample acreage, there’s plenty of room for the Kelce children to play and explore.


Jason Kelce’s beautiful family home in Haverford, Pennsylvania, is more than just a luxury residence – it’s a reflection of the man himself. From the family-focused playroom to the strategic property acquisitions, every aspect of this estate speaks to Kelce’s values, success, and vision for the future.

As Kelce continues to make his mark on the field with the Philadelphia Eagles, he’s also creating a lasting legacy off the field. His Haverford home stands as a testament to his achievements, a haven for his family, and a smart investment in his post-NFL future.

For fans of Jason Kelce and the Eagles, this glimpse inside his private paradise offers a new appreciation for the center’s life off the field. 

It’s clear that whether he’s calling plays or planning home renovations, Jason Kelce approaches everything with the same dedication, strategic thinking, and family-first attitude that has made him a Philadelphia legend.


Can the public visit the Kelce family playroom?

The playroom is a private part of Jason Kelce’s home and isn’t accessible to the public.

What drove the playroom’s design choices?

Kelce partnered with Pottery Barn Kids to craft a playful, creative space tailored to his daughters’ preferences and requirements.

Is it possible to get a tour of Jason Kelce’s residence?

As a private home, Kelce’s property isn’t open for public tours or visits.

Are there future plans for the Haverford estate?

Indeed, Kelce has bought neighboring lots with the goal of developing a larger family compound by merging them with his current home.

What other properties does Jason Kelce own?

Beyond his Haverford estate, Kelce has invested in a seaside property in Sea Isle City, New Jersey, demonstrating his varied real estate investments.

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